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Svetlana Zhelyazkova

Artist Statement

I have been drawing and painting since I was very little. For me art has always been boundless pleasure, means of self-expression, and opportunity to share experiences and visions.

My works radiate genuine bright and cheerful feeling. Drawing upon the treasury of old masters, I combine timeless inspiration with a contemporary view of the world. I’m inspired by a variety of themes which I approach with unfailing enthusiasm and harmonious color scheme.

My style is clean and precise, characterized by attention to detail and delicate color palette.

Watercolor, oil painting and ink are the main media I work in at present. Watercolors allow me both soft and smooth color transitions and the chance to achieve rich and deep hues (when concentrated). Sometimes masking fluid preserves the white areas and permits bold color mixing and transitions.

Oil painting allows me to reach higher consistence and intensity to my colours and to express my feelings freely.

Through my work I have learned to appreciate contrast; so when the subject allows it, I use ink drawing as a means of expression. Generally I work with black ink and brush.

I’m not averse to experimentation and application of mixed techniques in order to achieve my goals.

My works are not only satisfaction for myself, but also emotional delight for a wide range of viewers. One can take in the broad and bold general concept or admire the care taken with even the smallest detail. The subjects are instantly recognizable yet original and unusual. My drawings touch off an emotional chord deep within the soul; the viewer is softly drawn into them, but their imagination is awakened and set free to find their own meaning and interpret them in their own way.


© Svetlana Zhelyazkova 2009. All rights reserved.